It hurts

I know a girl I won’t say her name but I’ll call her cs. Cs used to be my freind but we had an incident she thought I had been telling rumors with her, but I hadn’t. I forgave her and we became freinds again. Everything was fine, then Cs, started talking to me on social media telling me about how the kids that go to our school don’t have a feed. She said our posts don’t match and we aren’t organized. Cs, said that kids at her school have organized feeds. Cs,said her photos had aesthetic.i felt hurt. I ended up deleting most of my posts. Cs, said that’s how you get likes, comments etc. I know I shouldn’t give in to Cs, but it still hurts. Cs started sending pics of her freinds feed. Comment if you have any suggestions of things I should do


Awkward Awesome Amazing 

Bye, whoever reads this


7 thoughts on “It hurts

  1. blaNk says:

    Well umm…you just need to be yourself i guess, and i know that your own saying these things it hurts so you need to confront her tell her how you feel or the friendship isn’t gonna last long…good luck 🙂


  2. myintrovertedlife19 says:

    Just be yourself! Don’t let anybody tell you how you should do something. If you like it, go for it and you’ll find others who like the same things as you! Friends will come and go so don’t be scared to lose somebody but make a new, better friend! 💙


  3. xxmsjojoxx says:

    I think CS is very critical of others. She will learn, later in life, that she needs to be more patience and tolerant of others.

    In the mean time, be strong! I’m sure your posts are really great already. You have an awesome blog.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. CooCoo says:

    Many people will walk in and out of your life but true friends will be there giving you support and comfort and freedom to be yourself.
    Be strong and try to forgive and forget!


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