What I watch on YouTube 

Today I’ve been watching YouTube a lot

I saw a couple really cool videos; here’s the link:

Life of a dollar, This video is by Innana Sarkis she is really good at making inspirational videos and short films, I totally recommend you check her out!

Another link:

Circle of Strangers, this video is by Rudy Mancuso if you like music I think you’ll like this video. Rudy plays lots of instruments and he’s pretty funny.


Lele pons, I just tagged her youtube channel trailer cuz’ then I don’t have to explain anything.

Last link:


I think music is amazing and it can explain how your feeling. There’s different types of music, to fit different types of people. This isn’t my favorite song but it’s the first song that came to mind. 


Awkward Awesome Amazing 

Bye, whoever reads this


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