I figured I’d have to talk about this, so here goes nothing
I want a nickname, not a nickname like potato or fish but, (like, uh) Vivi short for Vivien/Vivian or Sam short for Sammy/Samuel

Why does my 2yr old sister have nickname and I don’t? 

You: Hi my name is Jessica (jesyca?) Jessie for short

Me: Hi, my name is Alina most people call me……… Alina


My nickname that only I call, myself is Leen,

(Tell me your favorite type of pasta and how to make them. I’ll attempt to make them)

Smh 🤦‍♂️ 


Awkward Awesome Amazing 

Bye,whoever reads this

2 thoughts on “Nickname…

  1. Recently I have tried a kind of pasta called tagliatelle. It goes with mushroom and cheese. The sauce is really good. Google it – there are many wonderful recipes.


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