Being healthy

It’s obvious exercise is necessary thing to do.  Eating well is a bonus for being healthy

If you want to be healthy there’s 3 things you need to do

Exercise daily, weekly if you can’t do daily

Eat less junk food and more healthy foods


What I mean by maintain is continue exercising, don’t just do it for 2 weeks and then stop exercising.

Chapter 1: Exercise 

You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. You can exercise in the comfort of your own home

When you exercise you should stretch first here are some stretches you can do.

There are some of the stretches here’s a link to more

To make it more fun you can:

Listen to music

Watch tv etc.

Exercise; You can:




Go to a gym


Chapter 2: Eating healthy

Personally I think the eating part is the hardest. Avoiding junk food is hard. 

Eating healthy isn’t only veggies, and no junk food, it’s having a balance between them

Maybe every 2weeks you can go get some frozen yogurt?

If you are craving junk food try an alternative 

Instead of ice cream have frozen yogurt 

Instead of candy try frozen grapes

Instead of juice or pop have flavored water

Instead of using butter to cook use coconut oil

Recipes: here’s a couple links to recipes that are healthy


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There’s different countries!!!

Ok so I live in Ontario, Canada 

And I used to think everyone lived in Canada. I know that’s dumb but I didn’t know anyone that lived in other countries. Except for relatives, but I just imagined them living n Canada. 

When I started my blog I started reading other people’s blogs.   And I just assumed they live in Canada. Then I realized they don’t. 

I realized they live in places like the United States πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 

United Kingdom πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 


I also realized there’s over 100 countries but ya.


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I figured I’d have to talk about this, so here goes nothing
I want a nickname, not a nickname like potato or fish but, (like, uh) Vivi short for Vivien/Vivian or Sam short for Sammy/Samuel

Why does my 2yr old sister have nickname and I don’t? 

You: Hi my name is Jessica (jesyca?) Jessie for short

Me: Hi, my name is Alina most people call me……… Alina


My nickname that only I call, myself is Leen,

(Tell me your favorite type of pasta and how to make them. I’ll attempt to make them)

Smh πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ 


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My profile picture for everything!

Have you ever seen this picture before? 

This is my profile pic for almost everything.

How I got it

I downloaded this app called RECOLOR IT SAYS IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER (sorry, I had caps lock on) the app is for colouring (I’m Canadian) so I saw a picture I wanted to colour so I coloured it after I’m like wow πŸ˜³ it actually looks good😏!

What it’s my profile pic for

  1. Instagram 
  3. Everything you need a pic for on WORDPRESS
  4. My google account 
  5. Apple ID card thing
  6. Skype
  7. Hopscotch 


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What I watch on YouTubeΒ 

Today I’ve been watching YouTube a lot

I saw a couple really cool videos; here’s the link:

Life of a dollar, This video is by Innana Sarkis she is really good at making inspirational videos and short films, I totally recommend you check her out!

Another link:

Circle of Strangers, this video is by Rudy Mancuso if you like music I think you’ll like this video. Rudy plays lots of instruments and he’s pretty funny.


Lele pons, I just tagged her youtube channel trailer cuz’ then I don’t have to explain anything.

Last link:


I think music is amazing and it can explain how your feeling. There’s different types of music, to fit different types of people. This isn’t my favorite song but it’s the first song that came to mind. 


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My class

So you guys know how in my post about summer (I forgot the name) I said I liked my class, I’d like to elaborate on that.

In grade 3 I moved to a new school, I like to see myself as a pretty outgoing person so it wasn’t hard to make friends. Everyone there had all gone to a different school, except me. 

I met some really cool teachers, our grade 3 teacher was pretty weird. Instead of clapping his hands to get attention we’d stand on desks, he also had 2 gerbils.

I moved to grade 4 it was obviously not the same class but because I’m in French immersion we get switch classes so yeah.

That year is basically the year we made our special bond, people started writing about how they felt, we raised money for world vision. Here’s a link to there website:

We raised something around $1000. Next year, or in this case my current year, we raised $2000 which is pretty epic. Then for special olympics, here’s a link:

We got to sponsor a athlete. That costed $500. Meanwhile we as a school had to raise money for a school. I’ll make a post about it some other time. 

Grade 5 was the worst year ever, not because of the workload, but because of graduation. Our class was crying on the last day, forget crying, sobbing.

There’s this girl in particular I won’t say her name so I’ll call her SA. I can’t say wh.

SA wasn’t going to the middle school we’re going to. So she was crying a lot, too much.

Actually so some of you might be familiar with the word gifted. It’s when your really smart. Smarter than average. They give you a test called CCAT. If you get all 9 and 8 you go into this group of gifted kids and do stuff. 

They get to go to these schools for the gifted.

Anyways SA was one of those students. The gifted one. She’s also my freind, so I’m gonna miss her.

I made this playlist of songs that remind me of our class, because our class was really attached to music. To a normal person it just a list of songs but to my class and I it’s means a lot. Here’s a link:http:


Comment down below something meaningful to you and why

I’m gonna miss everyone in our class. 


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